Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock! The Right Way tab

This is Not the first song i have tabbed but it is the first i Have posted.  If Anyone has the sole for this song please let me know at

Intro/Chorus Pattern

A G D Em G|--------------3-3333-|-------------------------||--------------3-3333-|3--3333----------------||-------2------0-0000-|2--2222----------------||-------2------0-0000-|0--0000----------------||-------0---------------|-------------------------||--------------3-3333-|------------0~~~3~~~--| ^
A G D Em C|--------------3-3333-|--------------------------||--------------3-3333-|3--333-------------------||2------2-----0-0000-|2--222-------------------||2------2-----0-0000-|0--000-------------------||0------0--------------|---------------------------||--------------3-3333-|------------0~~~-3~~~--| ^
Verse Pattern
A D G A G D A|-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------||-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------||2----------|(2)---------|2--2-0-0---|2--------||2----------|(2)---------|2--2-0-0---|2--------||0----------|(0)---------|0--0--------|0--------||-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------| ^
A D G A G D A|-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------||-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------||(2)--------|(2)---------|2--2-0-0---|2--------||(2)--------|(2)---------|2--2-0-0---|2--------||(0)--------|(0)---------|0--0--------|0--------||-----------|------------|------3-3---|---------| ^
Pre-Chorus Pattern
G D G * * *D * * * G* * * * *|3-----3---3---3--|-----------------|3---3---3---3--||3-2---3---3---3--|3---3---3---3--|3---3---3---3--||0-3---0---0---0--|2---2---2---2--|0---0---0---0--||0-0---0---0---0--|0---0---0---0--|0---0---0---0--||-------------------|-----------------|---------------||3-----3---3---3--|-----------------|3---3---3---3--| ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
Em G A |---33-----------||---33-----------||99002~~-------||99002~~-------||77---0~~-------||00330~~-------| ^^ ^^ ^
Vamp Pattern
A E G |----------------|-----------------||----------------|-----------------||------2------2--|------2----------||------2------2--|------2----------||------0------0--|------0----------||----------------|------------0--3-|
^ ^ ^ A E C|----------------|-----------------||----------------|-----------------||------2------2--|------2-----9--5-||------2------2--|------2-----9--5-||------0------0--|------0-----7--3-||----------------|-----------------| ^ ^ ^
Turn it down you say, well all I got to say to you Is time and time again I say no-- (no!) No,no,no,no,no Tell me not to play, well all I got to say to When you tell me not to play I say no-- (no!) No,no,no,no,no So if you ask me why I like the way I play There's only one thing I can say to you I wanna rock-- rock! I want to rock-- rock! There's a feeling that I get from nothing else And ain't nothing in the world that makes me go-- (go!) Go,go,go,go,go Turn the power up, I waited for so long so I can hear my favorite song, so let's go-- (go!) Go,go,go,go,go When it's like this I feel the music shooting through me There's nothing else that i would rather do
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