Twisted Sister - Were Gonna Take It chords

We're Gonna Make It 

Author: Twisted Sister
Album: You can't stop Rock n'roll
Tabbed by: Jesús Segura (Mexico city)
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Standart Tuning

we'll make it

G G Bb C Bb (X4)

G Gbeen fighting for so long,
G Gdon't know which way up is
Eb Eb been stuck and ripped and burnt
Eb Bb Gtill it feels like nothin'
Bb F our time will come,
Bb Cand when it's over and it's done,
Bb Fthose fools are gonna know
G G Bb C Bb (X2)that we ain't bluffin'
F G G Bb C Bb (X2)we're gonna make it
F G G Bb C Bb (X2)we'll reach the top
F G G Bb C Bb (X2)we're gonna make it
F Bb Eband then
we're never gonna stop G G Bb C Bb (X4)
G Gthe power of the people
G Gain't been showin'
Eb Eb it's never what you know
Eb Bb Gits who you're knowin'
Bb F sure it ain't right,
Bb Cbut as the saying goes its might
Bb Fthat decides who stays behind
G G Bb C Bb (X2)and who'll be goin'
G G Bb C Bb (X16, then fade out)we're never gonna stop
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, were gonna make it gonna make it to the top ain't gonna stop until we drop ahhhhhhhhhh drive hard boys ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
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