Two Door Cinema Club - Eat That Up Its Good For You tab

     EAT THAT UP, IT'S GOOD FOR YOU - Two Door Cinema Club
Tabbed by: Ian Kelly

I will add the verse lead guitar shortly. Corrections welcome!

Tuning: Standard


Chords: F Gm Dm

Lyrics below are just a guide to know when the notes are played.

It's too late it's too late you've got and it's...e|---------------------------------------------------------------17-|B|-------------------------------------15----------------------15---|G|---14141414-----141717171714-----1417--1717-----1417-----1417-----|D|-17--------17------------------17-------------17-------17---------|A|------------------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------|
CHORUS F It's too late It's too late Gm You've got another one coming Dm And it's going to be the same BRIDGE Guitar 1 (1:50-2:20)
Guitar 2 (2:00-2:20) Pick notes quickly!
OUTRO (2:20 onwards) F It's not the same It's not the same It's not the same Am You're going to tell me that I'm right A# You're going to come back down And find yourself F Where you are again Guitar 2
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