Two Door Cinema Club – Beacon chords

such a beautiful new album from two door, i'm not 100% certain but it sounds good to me, 
please rate it honestly and suggest any changes :)

D   Bm  x4

D Bm D BmWait For something more
D Bm x2
D BmWhen you show
D BmI follow
A EmThe beacon light is calling me
Bm Athe light that never dies
A Emreflections thrown above the sea
Bm Acasts shadows in the sky
A EmStanding right in front of you
Bm AIs where I need to be
A EmReliving this is something new
Bm AAnd something finally
A BmTake the deep end
A DAnd swim 'til you can stand
A Bm A DCause it will make a difference in the end
A BmTrip the shudder
A DAnd keep the picture close
A Bm A DSave it until you need it the most
A Bm A D A Bm A D
A Bm A DI'm coming home
A Bm A DI'm coming home
A Bm A D A Bm A D
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