Two Gallants – Threnody tab

Maybe the other submission are the chords for another recording, but anyway: these are 
chords for the recording I have. Thanks to dressrag1 for laying out the base.

Capo: 2 nd fret

Intro: Am

gather 'round, you wounded people
shadows fall upon the steeple,
Am                   G
soon shall come the closing of,
     Fadd9   F      G
the closing of the gates

for there is a word of plague among us
curse the one whose poison stung us,
C              Am
all along the alleyways
     G                  F    G
the satyrs wait their fate

but who's to blame when all are guilty
morals stained & conscience filthy
Am                G
abreast your idol replicas
    Fadd9  F      G
your replicas of lust,

in the sky I hear the threshing
dare to watch your lord undressing
C                 Am
while you beg forgiveness,
     G               F    G
you feed on his disgust

     C              G                     F     C G
but if perhaps the salt might stain your skin
    Am               G                   F     C G
and if perhaps the smoke might weep your eyes
C                 G             C     G
listen while the threnodies begin
Am              G             F      G
know no one in here gets out alive.

but let your frailty not deceive you
a little pinprick, rest relieves you,
Am                    G
and dream of all the days that are,
     Fadd9     F      G
the years that are to come -

for you will dance & you'll be nimble
pirouettes upon a thimble
    C          Am
and I will be beside you
        G             F      G
lest I lose you once again.

     C             G               F    C G
but if perhaps my sorrows all are show
     Am               G               F     C G
and I should find a crack among the gates,
C                  G             C    G
guilt shall follow me where'er I go
Am              G            F      G
though I try I know I can't escape

C G C G C G F F (x2)

and when you're gone the earth will crumble
I will try but I will stumble
Am                     G
and all through these city streets
   Fadd9        F        G
my robes shall drag the ground

hear the children swing with sorrow,
yesterday was once tomorrow
C                Am
no more I'll be troubled
        G               F      G
by the troubles of this world

    C             G             F   C G
but if I lose my step along the way
    Am                G               F      G
and if the speech of victim fills my throat

C                                          Am
out beyond past the cliffs that shape the day
                                   G6   (= 320000)
it's there I’ll wander, there I’ll stray

			           F                G
it's there I’ll look for you when all my trials are done
C                          Am
I feign sleep to save my breath,
this love is loss, this life is theft,
    		                  F             G
and all that's left is some vain need to carry on

     C                                    Am
and though I fear the tightening of the skies
against the dawn I'll watch you rise
                         F             G
oh lord, the company I keep within my head
C                                   Am
the scent of flesh might tease the nose
it claims the calm, it clings the clothes

could that be you, my love?
      F             G
your dust upon the wind?

C     Am      G6       F    G   (x2)

C G F G (x4)

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