Two Gallants - The Hand That Held Me Down chords

CAPO 4th Fret

D G DOh, the razor in your apple, the affection of your glove
Am G DThe prison of your company, the snake oil of your love
G DThe heights to which you drag me, just to hurl your scorn
Am G DThe trumpets play the livelong day but they blow so forlorn
Em DDid you hold the hand that held me down?
Em DDid you laugh at my expense?
Em DWhen there's rust upon your ragged crown
Em DWho will stand at your defense?
And when I unveiled my weakness on your rodeo of tears You stood there so vacantly, your fingers in your ears And you left by the morning with all that's left to steal But every time you say farewell, there's breadcrumbs at your heels CHORUS: Did you kiss the hand that held me down? Was your kindness just pretense? When there's no-one left for you to clown Who will stand at your defense? But it's ashes Lord, it's ashes; soon we all fall down You take your place among the saints, make not a single sound And on the hills that held our childhood the flowers grow there still You lay beneath them pushing weeds and I guess you always will CHORUS: Could you be the hand that held me down? When I was sick with common sense And now your statuettes are all torn down There's no-one left for you to lean against
G DAnd ever since you epitaph was spattered on my wall
Am GNo-one comes to call
DThey can't stand the stench
G DBut I still sing your praises every time the curtain calls
Am GThe burden on me falls
DYeah, I alone stand at your defense
OUTRO: Em D Am G D Sorry if there's any mistakes, this is my first tab
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