Two Gallants - All Your Faithless Loyalties tab

Two Gallants - All your faithless loyalties

*b-string: 0h1p0

G                       *          
Let this be our last goodbye
No need to wonder why
Never had the time to try
C              C/B  *      G
But don't blame me

Don't let me down so slow
Damage done now you can go
But a few things that you should know before you leave

C                                              G
Don't you never think of me as one among the rest
C                                G
I've got little else left to defend
C                  G      C                     G
Surely you've seen better but for you I did my best
C                G         F            C
But you'll go, I'll stay, I'll begin again
C        G             F
Just as you had planned
C                   G        F                    C
'Cause I've known lonesome things you can't come back from
C                        G      C
I hope I never see your face again

In the streets of Old Juarez
The daughters of Hernan Cortez
Break their bodies for their bread
The strangest pain
And dress themselves by candlelight
In lips of red and robes of white
Step out to pulverize the night
Can you complain?

And all the faithless loyalties that decorate your chest
Will they bring you comfort in the end?
Surely you've seen better, 
but for you I did my best
Sometimes nighttime brings you back again
That curse, that western wind
Cause I've known lonesome things you can't come back from
And I knew we'd be strangers in the end
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