Two Gallants – Damnatio Memoriae chords

This tab is NOT an accurate depiction of how Adam plays it.
This is just an optional 'bare bones' alternative.
These chords can be transcribed to play WITHOUT A CAPO
C = E
F = A
G = Bm
Em = G#m

But even then, it is not accurate.
Unfortunately for the amateur guitar players (i.e. Myself),
Adam has been given some divine talent to turn four basic chords into
absolute beauty.
Nonetheless, enjoy the chords.

Capo:fret 4

C Well, its just the fault of circumstance,
FThe game of youth, the threat of chance.
C G CAnd I cant seem to find another way,
CTo justify my loss of words,
FBut some day, they say Ill be cured,
C G CBut, be assured Ill always be this way.
F GAnd we all suffer guilt and shame,
F CIn the frame of skin and bones,
F CLittle one, youre not alone,
Em F CI think its time you stepped out of the shade,
F GBut who among your chosen ones,
F CAm I to be so bold?
F CTo the one who cant be told?
Em F CNo dont, believe, a single thing I say.
CBut I recall that night right well,
FWe stood the streets while darkness fell,
C G CSaid, you could tell I had something to say.
CWell I tried to leave but you said no,
FThat eventually we all must go,
C G Cso we search the town to find out why we stay.
F GAnd now the days are growing thin,
F CAnd the leaves litter the streets,
F CAnd the fog infests my sheets,
Em F CAnd we are each to scared to even greet the day,
F GAnd all those resolutions
F Cunfulfilled,I will soon repeat,
F Ccant escape my own deceit,
Em F COh, I do intend to meet myself someday.
CAnd it sickens me to see you now,
FWith your pursed lips and your purchase crowd,
C G CSpouting out self-evidence as proof,
CBut you are virtue, you are why,
FMothers weep and young men die,
C G CFor just the sight of the pyrite of your tomb,
F GBut what shames me the most my dear,
F CIs the hate you left behind,
F CIn the shallows of my mind,
EmAnd the cold out lines,
F CWhere once you used to lay,
F GSo Ill pour out this parting glass,
F CAnd attempt to wash my hands,
F COf what your memory demands,
Em F CNo, I never planned for things to end this way.
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