Two Gallants – Waves Of Grain tab

Hi, this is my first tab so please forgive me if there are any mistakes.
These are just the basic chords but I'll try to post an improved version soon. 

 C                 G         Am
Pray betray the deceased,
                 E                        F
such an infamous freedom, such a militant peace
                  C                         G        C
How dare they distrust, do they know who we are
                   G       Am
And Your progeny's brave,
                   E                            F
their tract houses waiting, pre-plucked and pre-paved
                   C                       G
To the ends of the Earth, wife, kids and a car 

    Am            G
But oh no, no, I see them falling
 F                  C      F                  C
Let's all pray for rain, Let's all pray for rain
             G                      F
And all your children are reared by panic and fear
    Am                 G
But what when all your fields are rotten,
 F             C      F               C
your waves of grain, amber waves of grain
          G                 F                              C
And your word is yet done: Inbreed us 'till we're all the same
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