Two Words – Sleep Depravation tab


E5            F#5           G5     F#5
Have you ever tried and you can't sleep
E5               F#5      G5 F#5
Tried so hard it makes you weak
E5                     F#5        G5 F#5
It keeps ringing so you unplug the phone
E5                     F#5       G5 F#5
But conciousness won't leave you alone

B5 C5 D5 E5(2)-------------------------------------|-------------------------------------|------4------5-------7-------9-------| BREAK----4------5-------7-------9---------|--2------3-------5-------7-----------|-------------------------------------|
You discover you have a twitch It must have been all the sleep you missed It now has you in its sights It won't relent when you turn off the lights RPT BREAK You hear voices inside your brain Getting no sleep is to blame You see things in front of your eyes You start to think the truths are lies RPT BREAK You feel tired throughout the day But the dreams refuse to came your way You don't know what else to do Closing your eyes won't see this through RPT BREAK X2 SLOW DOWN AND END ON SECOND CHORDS (dropped-D tuning lo to hi D A D G B e) E5 = 2 2 2 x x x F#5 = 4 4 4 x x x A5 = 5 5 5 x x x B5 = x 2 4 4 x x C5 = x 3 5 5 x x D5 = x 5 7 7 x x E5(2) = x 7 9 9 x x
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