Ty Segall – Sad Fuzz chords

Ty Segall- Sad Fuzz from the album "Melted"

Into: G

G E DSitting with you, sinking in the shade
G C7 DEating while we're sleeping, yeah i'm loosing sleep
G E D G You said: "why do you feel so fine?", I said it's lovely
G C7 Dyes it's lovely, yes it's lovely outside.
G E APlease don't be sad my baby no
G E APlease don't be sad my baby no
G E C7 APlease don't be sad you know you're mine
DOh yeah your'e mine
Verse: Same chords.. Thinking of you, thinking in the shade Sleeping while i eat, repeat the things i say I say: Why do i feel so shy? I said it's lovely yes it's lovely, oh so lovely outside Chorus again. Jamming Ending: D C|B FG| Ty Segall- http://www.myspace.com/tysegall
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