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Tye Tribbett – Chasing After You tab


---------------------------------------------- 0-|-----------------------0----3---0---3---0--3-- (Repeat) 3-------|----0--0---0---0---0--------------------------- --0---|---0--0---0---0---0-----2----2---2---2---2--- --2-----|---------2---3---3-----3----3---3---3---3----- -3----|-2---3------------------------------------------ ----|"And i will go, from"
--3-- --3--------|--3-- --3--------|--0-- --0--------|--x-- --x--------|--3-- --3-- --3-- --3---|--x-- --x--------|
--3-- --3--------|--3-- --3--------|--0-- --0--------|--x-- --x--------|--3-- --3-- --3-- --3---|--x-- --x--------|
and then changes the bass note to --2--every thing else is the same besides the bass note so it will be "Faith to Faith, From"
--2-- --2-- ( same # of times as above)--x--
"Gloryyyyy, to"
--x----5----4----x----4-- --4----x--
"Gloryyyy" --x--
--8-- (just bar this one, much easier that way)--5----7----5----x--
then the only thing that changes is the second time around, this last bar chord, is the same just move your pinky finger to the 7 instead of the 8 so it would be
"And ill for ever be chasing after you" "i search this out and wanted to post it so that those who couldnt find it and likes site will have it... goodluck!"
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