Paper Heart tab with lyrics by Tyler Ward - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Tyler Ward – Paper Heart tab

Capo 1


Guitar1: G Cadd9 Em7 D/F#



Verse: G Cadd9 Em7 In the parking lot of 7-Eleven D/F# G With a picture of you like a picture of heaven Cadd9 Em7 But my tears fall down upon the wheel D/F# Cadd9 D/F# Breaking apart is how I feel, just how I feel Chorus: G Cadd9 'Cause I've been shot down, everybody turn around Em7 D/F# To the sound of my breaking heart G Cadd9 Just burn, everybody take a turn Em7 D/F# Cadd9 Light a match to my paper heart D/F# Yeeeeah Come on (Play the Intro again) (Verse) 2x (Chorus) Bridge: G Cadd9 Em7 Why did you go so far away D/F# Far away G Cadd9 Em7 I have to know If theres a way D/F# This might change Cadd9 D/F# Till then i just say 2x (Chorus)
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