Tyler Ward – The Rescue chords ver. 5

INTRO: C# / F# / C# / F# 

[Verse 1]
C#Im running backwards in the rain
F#Got my hand up for a taxi
C#I finally got her name
F#Then we slipped into the backseat
C#I whisper, are you okay?
F#She nods her head with feeling
C#I could see the pain
F#And I can not explain how
C# F#I am captivated by
C#The way you look tonight
F#And Ive seen what youve been into
C#So I will never cross the line
C#I wont tell you any lies
F#I was sent here for the rescue
[Verse 2] She couldnt see past his stare, when desire took them over With a quick and simple prayer she cried, God bring this to closure I can not take this anymore and I know that what Im waiting for Is so much bigger, so much better, get me out, please deliver So Im here breaking down your door Calling out your name I want to take away the pain You know Im here like I was before Screaming out your name Waiting for the change [Chorus] PS: This is my first chord sheet, so it probably isn't the best, but it's what I think sounds like the song :)
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