Tyler Ward - Falling chords

Those are the Frets Tyler shows in his Tutorial Video for this song

This is played with a capo on second fret

the Chords needed are:

E F#m C# B A7e|----- e|----- e|----- e|----- e|----- B|----- B|----- B|----- B|----- B|----- G|-1--- G|-2--- G|-6--- G|-4--- G|-2--- D|-2--- D|-4--- D|-6--- D|-4--- D|-2--- A|-2--- A|-4--- A|-4--- A|-2--- A|----- E|----- E|----- E|----- E|----- E|-----
Verse: ||: E | F#m | C# B | A :|| Refrain: ||: E | A7 | C# | B :|| Bridge: ||: F#m | A7 | E | B :||
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