Typecast - Out Comes The Brave tab

Out Comes The Brave
The Infatuation Is Always There
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: G

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
G/B - x2x033
C9 -  x32033
D -   xx0232
Em -  022000
C -   x32010
Am -  x02210
Bm -  x24432

Intro: G/B-C9 x2

Verse 1:
   G/B C9  G/B  C9
Collap-sing The passion
         G/B    C9 G/B C9
weakened the sen---ses
G/B C9      G/B C9
Pro-bing my mind
   G/B  C9   G/B C9
to prove I am 

C         Am
wrong!!!! Ohhhh!!

Interlude: G/B-C9 x2

Verse 2:
G/B         C9
Dying is an option
  G/B            C9
I wish someday I realize
     G/B   C9  G/B     C9
that I make my own fate
         G/B C9
And this one question
        G/B    C9     
I can't get it right
   G/B C9   G   C9
Am I      always

(Repeat Chorus)

Bm       C
  Weak body surrounded
Em           C
by bold words
Bm           C
  Destroying me destroying me
Em          C

Outro: C-Am x4
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