Tyrese - What Am I Gonna Do tab

"What Am I Gonna Do" By Tyrese

Dropping another tab off for you r&b lovers like myself.
As always, listen to the song for the flow of it.


Gb Ab (?) Fm | | | |E:----------------6----------------|A:----------------8----------------| D:--4-------6-----8-----3333-3-3---|G:--3-------5-----6-----1111-1-1---|B:--2-------4-----6-----1111-1-1---|E:--2-4-6---4-6-8-6-----1111-1-1---|
Gb Fm Dbmaj7 | | |E:-------------------------|A:-------------------------|D:--4-44-4-3-4--3-33-3-3---| X3G:--3-33-3-1-3--1-11-1-1---|B:--2-22-2-1-2--2-22-1-2---|E:--2-22-2-1-2--1-11-1-1---|
Gb Ab Dbmaj7 | | |E:------------------|A:------------------|D:--4-444-6-6-3-----|G:--3-333-5-5-1-----|B:--2-222-4-4-2-----|E:--2-222-4-4-1-----|
Enjoy :). Feedback is welcomed at chabar4185@yahoo.com
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