Tyrone Wells – Happy As The Sun chords

Capo on 8
Yeah it sucks but it sounds nice

Intro - A E D E

F# A Whenever this world gets the best of me
F#And it all goes wrong
AI count down the hours till we meet
BmAnd I move along
G E'cause I know that when I see you I will be
A E D E Happy as the sun, lighter than a feather
A E D EWalking on the clouds when we are together
A E D E Every day with you just keeps getting better
A E A/Asus D E AThe world's as it should be, when are you here with me
F# A Whenever you leave, my heart skips a beat
F#Like it knows you're gone
AUnless you are here, I am incomplete
BmI'm an undone song
G EOnly you inspire the melody in me
Bm A How could I go wrong
BmWhen you are here with me
G EHow could I be anything but smiling
A E A/AsusThe world's as it should be
D E AWhen you are here with me
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