Tyrone Wells – Satellite chords

Intro: Bb   G    D   G

GI see you standing there
DAnd you are unaware
G Bmyou're shining so bright
Gyou keep on telling me
Dyou don't know what I see
G BmI see your light
G DYou need to know
G BmWho you are - to me
BmYou are a satellite
GYou're shooting through the sky
D GYou leave the world behind
BmYou are a satellite
GYou're with the stars at night
D GI love to see you fly
GYou're brighter than the moon
DAnd all the planets too
G BmBut you don't believe
GCause you've seen the Milky Way
DYou don't know how I could say
G BmThat you're more beautiful to me
G D GLeave all your worries below
BmAnd know
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