Tyrone Wells - Seabreeze tab

Sea Breeze by Tyrone Wells

(This is a slight modification from BBMan715888's tab)

Capo 4


Intro: G C9 Em7 D G/B C9 D/F# G Verse: G D G/B C9 Am7 G C9 D G D G/B C9 Am7 G Em7 D Chorus: G C9 Em7 D Am7 G/B C9 D G C9 Em7 D Am7 G/B D/F# G Bridge: Em7 C9 G D/F# Am7 C D D Solo: Play the Chorus Progression Outro: G C9 Em7 D Am7 G/B C9 D/F# G C9 Em7 D Am7 G/B D/F# G
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