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From: "Joshua D. Sims" 

Jaquima To Freno (Ian Tyson, B. McIntyre)

Jaquima to freno

He's an old vaquero

>From another time

Hands as fine as the
Dealers of Reno

He's been to the ocean

He's been to the sea
Big long tapaderos hangin' both sides

Of an old Visalia tree

Chorus 1:
E		A  E
Hey Mr. Vaquero
Put a handle on my pony for me
Teach me the mystery

Verse 2:

Jaquima to freno

He's an old Amansador

Still hangin' on

Just about gone

Like the California Condor
He been down to the rodear ground

Seen him on the movie screen
Ah but sometimes I think he's like America

Only see him in your dreams

(repeat chorus 1)

Chorus 2:
C#        E
Did they sing all day
Did they dance all night
Did they ride their spade bit ponies
Through the golden light
Did they find true love
Was it all a bunch of lies
E	 		     A
Quien sabe, maybe it was paradise

(repeat first verse, choruses 1 and 2 in that order)

   This was tabed by memory so there might be a mistake or two...but I doubt
it.  Any comments?  Send to cadet900716@yogi.nmmi.cc.nm.us!
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