The Raconteurs – Thoughts And Prayers chords

D  Am

[Verse 1]
DmHow can the grim reaper creep
AmIf he really doesn't have the time?
DmAnd how long would you sleep
AmIf the sun decided not to shine?
[Verse 2]
DmThere's a man who lives up the block
AmHe doesn't even own a clock
DmSometimes he stays awake for days
Am C G DHe's doin' it his own way
C G DI used to give my friends a call
C G DNow there's no one left at all
C G DI think my father used to say
C G"There's got to be a different way
F EmTo make myself feel okay"
DOr maybe that's just how he used to pray
[Bridge] Am D Am D Am D Am [Verse 3]
DmAnd who cares how people live
AmIf living's all they got?
DmAnd who knows how money grows?
AmDrop a nickel in a pot
[Verse 4]
DmI wrote a letter down to you
AmLike I'm Sullivan Ballou
DmIt's a recipe for blue
Am C G DLike it's 1862
C G DMaybe I'm just a castaway
C G DOr a poor boy led astray
C G DThere's no one left here to betray
C GThe only child of the earth
F EmNobody left here to give birth
DmIt's hard to tell now what that's worth
[Solo] Am D Am D Am D Am D Am D Am [Chorus]
C G DI used to look up at the sky
C G DUp at the beautiful blue sky
C G DBut now the earth has turned to gray
C GThere's got to be a better way
F EmTo talk to God and hear her say
D"There are reasons why it is this way"
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