They Might Be Giants – Doom Doom chords


[Verse 1]
E7Lor Lor there's a weapon at your door
E7And its pointed at your eyesocket
(Doppelgängers of They)
E7Drone Drone it's a missile to your home
E7And the missile's got your name on it
(Doppelgängers of They)
C#m"Park the car, and hitch a star to the Doppelgängers of They."
[Verse 2]
E7Doom Doom it's a rocket from the tomb
E7And the rocket's got your name on it
(Doppelgängers of They)
E7Doom Doom there's a bucket in your room
E7And the bucket's got your vibe in it
(Doppelgängers of They)
C#m"Bring your buckets, Doom.
C#mYou think you're sick,
E7but we're sick. We threw a bomb in your hair, So quit shaking it out."
B7 [Verse 3]
E7Bang Bang is the leader of the gang
E7With a cap for your brain pocket
(Doppelgängers of They)
E7Bang Bang and the leader of the gang
E7Put your thumb in the wall socket
(Doppelgängers of They)
C#m"Wake up, fruity, they gonna get you."
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