Tim Obrien – Hoss Race chords

Bass line is walking on the chord of  B

[Verse 1]
E7I hear those horses runnin
BI hear all the men a shoutin, don't you, don't you
E7I hear the pistol firin'
BI see the flags a flyin, don't you,
F#7Out of the gate they're headin west
E7 BI think my horse might be the best one don't you
[Verse 2]
E7Well Bookie's had him six to one
BBut I know that horse can really run now don't you, don't you
E7I don't often feel this way
BI think it's my lucky day now don't you, don't you
F#7My baby cried, Don't go to the track
E7 BI think she'll smile when I get back now don't you
[Instrumental] E7 B E7 B F#7 E7 B [Verse 3]
E7He's on the outside and he's gainin
BI see every nerve a strainin don't you
E7I hear my heart a poundin
E7I like the way it's soundin don't you
F#7Think this time I picked a winner
E7 BThink I'll eat a steak for dinner now don't you,
[Verse 4]
E7Your mare's lookin mighty squirrel
BI see my gelding's passed the sorrel don't you, don't you
E7Takin the lead he's out of sight
BI'd say that rider's ridin right now don't you
F#7Around the corner in the stretch
E7 DI think I'll go collect my bets now don't you
[Instrumental] E7 B E7 B F#7 E7 B [Verse 5]
E7I'm not much of gamblin man
BBut I'll take my winnings when I can now don't you, wouldn't you
E7Take my baby on the town tonight
BI think we'll be livin right now don't you
F#mBe broke again tomorrow morn'
E7 BThat's when I read my ra-cin..form...now...don't you
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