Tom Waits – Altar Boy chords

[Verse 1]
Eb Ab He's an ol' altar boy
Bbm Eb7 Lying out there in the street
Ab F7 Bbm7 He's an ol' altar boy
Eb Db7 Gb7 Bound up in leather and chains
Cm F7 Bbm7 That's why I'm feeling so blue
Eb7 Ab I'm an old altar boy
F7 Bb What about you?
[Verse 2]
Eb7 Ab Now, I can order in Latin
F7 Bbm7 Eb7 Make 'em au gratin, Joe
Ab I'm an old altar boy
F Bbm7 Eb7 That's why I'm so depressed
Db7 Gb7 I never got the rest of the dream
Cm7 F7 Just the ritual
Bbm7 Eb Now I'm habitual
Ab F7 Bbm7 Majoring in crimes that are unspeakable
Eb7 Ab Cause I'm an old altar boy
F7 Bbm7 That's what happened to me
[Verse 3]
Eb7 Ab F7 I'm an old altar boy
Bbm7 Eb7 Db He's hoping he can meet a woman dressed like a nun
Gb7 Cm7 F7 He knows there's got to be some around here
Bb7 Eb7 Drinking across from the church
Ab F A little Father Cribari wine
Bbm Eb7 Ab On a Sunday morn' time
[Verse 4]
Db Gb I'm an old altar boy
Cm F7 Bb7 Why is he winking at this time in his life?
Eb7 Ab F7 He never took a wife, cause he's an old altar boy
Bbm Eb Oh, yeah...
Ab What about you?
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