Two Door Cinema Club – Break chords

C E  Am Am7  F Fmaj7  G
C E  Am Am7  F Fmaj7  G

C E Am If I could break down the wall
Dm7 GI could see myself as someone I didn't know
C E Am I could shape rock and roll
Dm7 GBut all I get is a louder echo
C E AmSo I ditch the fear into another day
Dm7What can I do?
GIs it 'cause I'm too lazy?
C E AmI can think until I've got nothing left to say
Dm7So what should I do?
GIs it too late to save me? ooh ooh
GSave me, baby Now save me
G FNow is it too late? Too late, too late
C FIs it too late? Too late
CIs it too late now?
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