Tyler Childers – Gemini chords

EIf He knows how it feels to be Beginnin' and the End
I reckon He knows the feeling 'tween the now and then
AI'm stuck between a rock and a hard place, friend
ELord, wont you help me carry my load?
EI borrowed me a hammer, I swung it for a dime
I got to where I finally could afford me mine
ABut in between the swingin' and the idle time
EI got to thinkin' heavy on the road
B7Now I'm hid out in the upper room
AWith walls so thin I can walk right through
E B7Give all my buddies a ramblin' to
A EAbout things that really blow my mind
EBack when I was younger I didn't have a clue
Come to think of it, I still doubt I do
ABut every now and then I get to thinkin'
E"You know, I've got it all worked out"
EI used to take my time and burn it in a bong
Iced down with the lights turned off
ASomething in my speakers I can ponder on
ESomething I can mull around
B7Now I'm lit up like a Christmas tree
ACheck one-two, can y’all hear me?
E B7The sights are somethin' but they ain't for free
A ELook here, I'm wired for sound
EThe road goes on forever, party until ten
Run forever if ya never let it end
AGot a part of me that's wonderin' when
EI'll finally kick the urge to roam
EPart-o-me just wants to live forever on the road
Split me down the middle, send my southpaw home
AAnd if she gets to askin' tell her you don't rightly know
EWhat happened to the rest of me
B7Aw, weep no more, girl don't cry
AHellfire, ya married you a Gemini
E B7This is the half of him you always liked
A EIn this 'un here, his heart still beats
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