U2 – Shadows And Tall Trees tab

A spectacular song from U2's debut record, Boy. And there aren't any tabs of it on this 
You'll need a bass player to accompany you, but these chords should do the trick. Enjoy!

Shadows and Tall Trees by U2
from the album, Boy

Sorry in advance but the chords aren't in the correct places and you'll have to listen 
the song to find out where exactly to switch chords. Sorry!

G                                     Bm
Back to the cold restless streets at night
C                                                   A
Talk to myself about tomorrow night
G                                      Bm
Walls of white protest, a gravestone in name
C                         D
Who is it now?  It's always the same.

C                   D
But I know oh no
C                   D
But I know oh no
C              D  Dsus2 D
But I know

            G    F
Shadows and tall trees

                     G      F                G
Do you feel in me, anything redeeming
any worthwhile feeling
                   G                           F
is life like a tightrope hanging from my ceiling

(and so on and so forth
repeat the chorus and listen to the song for the rest of the lyrics)
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