U2 - Grace tab

Tabbed by: Kevin Brosky (3EBdude)

This is the correct way to play the riff according to the U2 guitar book
for ATYCLB.  Play it with a clean tone, standard tuning.

Verse Riff 1:

e|-----------------------------B|-8----8----------------------G|-7h9--7--------------7------- Play that 4 timesD|---------10-10--7-10---10-7--A|-----------------------------E|-----------------------------
Verse Riff 2:
e|--------------------------------B|-10-----10----------------------G|--9h10--9-----------------------D|-----------12-10----10-12--10--- Play that 2 timesA|-----------------12-----------12E|--------------------------------
Chorus Riff:
e|--------------------------------------------------B|-8--8-8----8-----8---10-----10--10---10----------- G|-7--9-7----7-----7---9h10---9---9h10--9---------7- D|--------10----10---------------12--------12-10---- A|-------------------------------------------------- E|--------------------------------------------------
These are the basic patterns that the song is played with. Some of them vary at times later in the song but this is all very close and it's not hard to figure out, by listening to the song, what changes.
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