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POP by U2 -------- CONTENTS -------- Discotheque Do You Feel Loved Mofo If God Will Send His Angels Staring At The Sun Last Night On Earth Gone Miami The Playboy Mansion If You Wear That Velvet Dress Please Wake Up Dead Man ........ DISCOTHEQUE Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu)
(heavy distortion)1---------------------------------- -----------2---------------------------------- -----------3---------------------------------- -----------4---------------------------------- later add: -----------5---2---2---0h2---2--2--2---0h2---- ----5---2-- 6---------------------------------- -----------
You can reach, but you can't grab it You can't hold it, control it, you can't bag it You can push, but you can't direct it Circulate, regulate, you cannot connect it
(improvise this riff with a wah)1----------------2----------------3---4---2h4---2--4----------------5----------------6----------------
You know you're chewing bubble gum You know what that is, but you still want some You just can't get enough of that lovie dovie stuff
Main riff1-------------------------------------------------------2-------------------------------------------------------3-------------------------------------------------------4-----------------2-------------------------------------5---5---2--2--2-------2--2--2----5--2--2--2----2--0h2---6-------------------------------------------------------
You get confused, but you know it Yeah you hurt for it, work for it, love You don't always show it Let go, let's go, discotheque Go go, let go, discotheque
Looking for the one, but you know you're somewhere else instead You want to be the song, the song that you hear in your head
solo with delay:1-------------------5---7---5------2-----------7-------------------7--3---4---7-------7------------------
4---------------------------------- (twice)5----------------------------------6----------------------------------
Love It's not a trick...you can't learn it It's the way you don't pay, that's OK, cause you can't earn it You know you're chewing bubble gum You know what that is but you still want some You just can't get enough of that lovie dovie stuff Let go, let's go, discotheque Go go, let go, discotheque Looking for the one, but you know you're somewhere else instead You want to be the song, the song that you hear in your head Love But you take what you can get, cause it's all that you can find Oh you know there's something more, but tonight, tonight, tonight
(with delay)1---------------7-------------------7--2---------7------------------7---------3---9------------------9---------------4--------------------------------------5--------------------------------------6--------------------------------------
Boom cha boom cha discotheque --leniarbk@jmu.edu Discotheque by U2 (main riff) Transcribed by Richard Zangoli(ahowden@magna.com.au) For those of you that want to play some new U2 this is a transcription of the 30 second sample of the upcoming single that has been recently floating around the internet (along with the sample of Wake Up Dead Man). If you don't have it I think it is on one of the U2 FTP archives and on some WWW U2 pages. Island records says that this sample is not of the final version of the song but we'll have to wait and see. And this transcription will undoubtably be replaced by a more complete version when the song is actually released. But for now here is the main riff. The tuning is standard I think-
And then this is played 4 times over while Bono sings the verse-
No wonder Bono said that Edge has fallen in love with the guitar again ....... This song is very easy to play & tab... make sure you're in 'dropped D' tuning... Intro/outro: --x-x---x-x---x-x--x--
--x-x---x-x---x-x--x-- just repeated over & over..--x-x---x-x---x-x--x----9-11--9-11--9-11-11---9-11--9-11--9-11-11---9-11--9-11--9-11-11-
The 'main riff/solo' is just this:
but, I'm not sure as to which fret they are actually on, as I don't have my guitar on me... It may be a different fret, but it's the same pattern. ..................................... ..................................... DO YOU FEEL LOVED Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu)
guitar 1 (clean with delay)1-------------------------------------------------2--------1---------1--3--3---------1-------1------3---2---------2----------------2-------2-------2--4-------------------------------------------------5-------------------------------------------------6-------------------------------------------------
guitar 21------------------2------------------3------------------4---3---5---3---0--5------------------6------------------
Distorted riff: (I hit the open 4th string, then mute it with my finger at the 5th harmonic to get the electronic sound)1----------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------3----------------------------------------------4---0-(<5>)--0-(<5>)--0-(<5>)------------------5-------------------------------5h0---3h0---0--6----------------------------------------------
Take these hands, they're good for nothing You know these hands have never worked a day Take these boots, they don't want to stray You got my head filled with songs You got my shoelaces undone Take my shirt, go on take it off me
You can tear it up if you can tie me down
Do you feel loved? Take the colours of my imagination Take the scent hanging in the air Take this tangle of a conversation and turn it into your own prayer With my fingers as you want them With my nails under your hide With my teeth at your back And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies Do you feel loved? Do you feel loved? And it looks like the sun, but it feels like rain
(vibrate D note slightly several times during 3rd verse):1---------2-----3---3---------4---------5---------6---------
Love's a bully pushing and shoving in the belly of a woman Heavy rhythm taking over to stick together a man and a woman Man and woman stick together
Do you feel loved? Do you feel loved? And it looks like the sun, but it feels like rain And there's heat in the sun to see us through the rain
-- Do You Feel Loved from:GregL550@aol.com This seems to be a simple power chord progression: D F G F D
G------------------------------------------------------------D---7-/-10-10-10--12---- 12-\-10--10-10----7--------------------------------A---5-/-8---8--8----10-----10-\--8---8---8-----5-------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------
..................................... ..................................... MOFO Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This is Bono's favorite song off the album--"My whole life's in that song."--it's tuned down 1/2 step, and in A minor.
synthesizer riff:1----------------------------------------------------------------------2----------------------------------------------------------------------3----------------------------------------------------------------------4----------------------------------------------------------------------5---7p0-0-0-0-0-0-0--3p0-0-0-0-0-0-0--3p0-0-0-0-0-0-0--0-3-3-4-5-6-7-7-6----------------------------------------------------------------------
pitches of random noises:1---15---15\3/5--2----------------3----------------4----------------5----------------6----------------
basic keyboard riff over verse:1--------------|------------|------------|------------|2--------------|------------|------------|------------|3---7--7--7--7-|-5--5--5--5-|-2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2-|4---7--7--7--7-|-5--5--5--5-|-2--2--2--2-|-2--2--2--2-|5--------------|------------|------------|------------|6--------------|------------|------------|------------|
Lookin' for to save my, save my soul Lookin' for the places where no flowers grow Lookin' for to fill that GOD shaped hole Mother mother sucking rock and roll Holy dunc, spacejunk comin'in for the spash (been around the back...been around the front) White dopes on punk staring into the flash Lookin' for baby Jesus under the trash Mother mother sucking rock and rooll Mother..rock and roll
Am 1---5---------5/17----12--13--15----------2---5-----------------------------13--10--3---5-------------------------------------4---7-------------------------------------5---7-------------------------------------6---5-------------------------------------
Am G Mother, am I still your son? F Am You know I've waited so long to hear you say so Am G Mother, you left and made me someone F Am Now I'm still a child, but no one tells me "no"
During chorus, guitar plays these notes with the corresponding chords:1-------------------------------------2---10--------8---------6---------\2--3-------------------------------------4-------------------------------------5-------------------------------------6-------------------------------------
Lookin' for a sound that's gonna drown out the world Lookin' for the father of my two little girls Got the swing, got the sway, got my straw in lemonade Still looking for the face I had before I was made Mother mother sucking rock and roll Bubble poppin' sugar droppin' rock and roll
Woo me sister Move me brother Soothe me mother Rule me father Show me mother ..................................... ..................................... IF GOD WILL SEND HIS ANGELS Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This song's about an abusive boyfriend, tune 1/2 step down--in G major.
intro, with phaser and autowah:1---3------6--8---2---2------6--8---3---0------7--9---4-----------------5-----------------6-----------------
Nobody else here baby No one else here to blame No one to point the finger It's just you and me and the rain
Nobody made you do it, no one put words in your mouth Nobody here taking orders when love took a train heading south It's the blind leading the blond It's the stuff, the stuff of country songs If GOD will send His angels And if GOD will send a sign And if GOD will send His angels Would everything be alright?
with delay (Edge improvises the second set of notes):1--------------------------------------2---8-(8)--10-(10)------10--12--8-(8)--3--------------------------------------4--------------------------------------5--------------------------------------6--------------------------------------
GOD has got His phone off the hook, babe Would He even pick up if He could? It's been a while since we saw that child Hangin' 'round this neighbourhood See His mother dealing in a doorway See Father Christmas with a begging bowl Jesus sister's eyes are a blister The high street never looked so low
It's the blind leading the blond It's the cops collecting for the cons
So where is the hope?
And where is the faith? And the love? What's that you say to me? Does love light up your Christmas Tree?
The next minute you're blowing a fuse And the cartoon network turns into the news If GOD will send His angels And if GOD will send a sign Well if GOD will send His angels D G5 Where do we go?
Jesus never let me down you know Jesus used to show me the score Then they put Jesus in show business Now it's hard to get in the door It's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs But I guess it was something to go on If GOD will send His angels I sure could use them here right now Well if GOD will send His angels Where do we go? --Brandon Leniart U2 - IF GOD WILL SEND HIS ANGELS from POP submitted by: remrocks@caedm.byu.edu before june 23, 1997 u2_rocks@hotmail.com after june 23, 1997 comments/suggestions welcome, thankyou, Jonathan Paul Lockhart First I'll define Rythym Figures and Riffs before I actually get into the song. The song appears to be in the key of Db, with A B D E & G all flat. At the end of the song is my attempt at the bass line. Ryth. Fig. 1 (arpeggiated Gb & Ebm chords)
Riff A (?)-sometimes played, sometimes not
Riff B (all notes adlib)
e--------6---6-------6---6------B------7---7---7---7---7---7---- X2 G----6-----------6--------------
Riff CD----16------13--16--13------16------13--16--13------(13)--16----A------------------------16----------------------16--------------E----------------------------------------------------------------
Intro: the intro is mostly Bono's singing with Ryth. Fig. 1 in the background (there also seems to be an organ I couldn't figure out). Ryth. Fig. 1 seems to be played in the background for nearly the entire song. Ryth. Fig. 1 nobody else here baby no one here to blame no one to point the finger it's just you and me and the rain nobody made you do it no one put words in your mouth nobody here takin' orders when love took a train heading south it's the blind, leading the blond it's the stuff . . . it's the stuff of country songs Chorus (with organ) hey if God will send His angels and if God will send a sign and if God will send His angels . . . will everything be alright? Bass enters with Riff A (10X) God has got His phone off the hook babe would He even pick up if he could its been a while since we saw that child hangin' round this neighborhood see his mother dealin' in a doorway see Father Christmas with a begging bowl Jesus' sisters' eyes are a blister the high street never looked so low Riff B it's the blind, leading the blond it's the cops, collecting for the cons so where is the hope and where is the faith and the love Riff A (2X) what's that you say to me? does love light up your Christmas tree? Riff B the next minute your blowin' a fuse and the cartoon network turns into the news Riff A if God will send His angels and if God will send a sign well if God will send His angels . . . where do we go? (where do we go?) Bass Solo with Riff C (9X) Jesus never let me down, you know Jesus used to show me the score then they put Jesus in show business now it's hard to get in the door (I need you) Riff B it's the stuff, it's the stuff of country songs but I guess . . . yah it's something to go on Riff A if God will send His angels . . . sure could use them here right now well if God will send His angels . . . Play around with a bend on B----7---- and Riff A notes then move into Riff B if dont know want my life and I wanna love I feel some and I wanna love again . . . and I wanna feel love . . . uhhhhhh! Outro: Bass Solo then drums enter to fade (add Riff C during fade)
BASS (alternate tuning)Eb-----------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------Gb----0---2---4---0-------------0---2---4---0----Db--------------------2---0----------------------
or just follow the notes: Gb Ab Bb Gb Gb Eb Db Gb Ab Bb Gb Well, after repeated listenings, I came up with a rough sketch of this soon to be favorite among U2 fans. I can't wait to hear the main riff echoing through the POPMART stadiums this summer. Anyway, here's a rough sketch of how to play the song. "If God Will Send His Angels", by U2 Tabbed by mps133@psu.edu Use a Delay Pedal, and you will need some sort of wah-wah to play certain parts to the song. THERE IS A CAPO USED ON THE 6th FRET for the Chords and Riffs Chords with respect to the CAPO are: C x32010 Am x02210 E* 0200xx G 3200xx OPENING VERSE: For the opening verse, the sound is really hard to match, but it is some sort of wah-wah type effect. Play the following chords apperegio through the opening verse (note - the 'G' part is only played once, repeat the C & Am apperegio throughout the verse):
G C Ame-----------------------------------------------------b---------------------1-------1-------1-------1-------g-----------------------2---2---2---2---0---0---0-----d-0-0------0-0------------2-------2-------2-------2---a-2---2----2---2--------------------------------------e-3-----3--3-----3------------------------------------
C Am C Am Nobody else here baby no one else here to blame C Am C Am No one to point the finger...it's just you and me in the rain Nobody made you do it no one put words in your mouth Nobody here taking orders when love took a train heading south PRECHORUS: G Am (may be C, not too sure) It's the blind leading the blond G Am It's the stuff the stuff of country songs REFRAIN: C E* Am G Hey if God would send his angels C E* Am G And if God will send a sign C E* Am And if God will send his angels E* C Would everything be alright? THE RIFF: There are many little variations that the Edge throws into this riff, play around with them, and play along with the song to get a feel for it. Use Delay for this riff, set to about .4 seconds. This tab is with respect to the capo on the 6th fret.
e---------------0---------b-1-1-3-3-----3---3-1----- Just repeat this pattern, and play aroundg---------------------2--- with different variations to get it right
Little Riff after Bono Sings "Where Do We Go?" (no delay for this part). Tab with respect to capo on 6th fret.
e |----------------------------------|---6------------------------------|B |-7------7-7------9------9-9-------|-9---9--7-------------------------|G |-8------8-8------8------8-8-------|----------8-----------------------|D |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|A |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|E |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
ESTRIBILLO e |------6---6---6---6---6---6---6---|----------------------------------|B |----9---9---9---9---7---7---7---7-|----------------------------------|G |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|D |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|A |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|E |----------------------------------|----------------------------------|
..................................... ..................................... STARING AT THE SUN Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) My personal POP favorite, in A minor
intro electric guitar (acoustic plays Am, G, F, Em)1---------------------------------------------------2---------------5--------------------5-----------5--3---5---7-------------------5---7---------7---------4---------------------------------------------------5---------------------------------------------------6---------------------------------------------------
Am G F Em Summer stretching on the grass, summer dresses pass Am G F Em In the shade of a willow tree creeps a crawling over me
there are some harmonics in the background (work with these):1--------------------<12>--2-----------<12>-----------3---<12>-------------------4--------------------------5--------------------------6--------------------------
Am G F Em Over me and over you, stuck together with GOD's glue Am G It's going to get stickier, too
1-----------------<12>--------------<12>------------2---------<12>--------------------------------------3--------------------------<12>----------------<7>--4---<7>---------------------------------------------5---------------------------------------------------6--------------------------------------------------- F GIt's been a long hot summer, let's get undercover
F G Don't try too hard to think, don't think at all
electric guitar:1---------------------------------------------------2---15--13--15--13-------------15--15b(17)r-----13--3---------------------12/14-------------------------4---------------------------------------------------5---------------------------------------------------6---------------------------------------------------
C Am I'm not the only one staring at the sun D Dsus4 F Afraid of what you'd find if you took a look inside C Am Not just deaf and dumb staring at the sun D Dsus4 F I'm not the only one who's happy to go blind Am G There's an insect in your ear F Em If you scratch it won't disappear
1---------------------------2---------------------------3---2/4\2--0--2-----4---5/--4---------------------------5---------------------------6--------------------------- Am GIt's gonna itch and burn and sting
F Em Do you want to see what the scratching brings?
Am G Waves that leave me out of reach F Em Breaking on your back like a beach Am G Will we ever live in peace? F G Cause those that can't do often have to F G And those that can't do often have to C Am Preach to the ones staring at the sun D Dsus4 F Afraid of what you'll find if you took a look inside C Am Not just deaf and dumb staring at the sun D Dsus4 F I'm not the only one who'd rather go blind bridge: Am Dsus2 Am G
with fill:1---<12>---<12>---<12>--<12>--2-----------------------------3-----------------------------4-----------------------------5-----------------------------6-----------------------------
Intransigence is all around, military still in town Armour plated suits and ties Daddy just won't say goodbye Referee won't blow the whistle GOD is good, but will He listen? I'm nearly great, but there's something missing F G I left in the duty free though F G You never really belonged to me C Am You're not the only one staring at the sun D Dsus4 F Afraid of what you'd find if you stepped back inside C Am I'm not sucking my thumb, I'm staring at the sun D Dsus4 F Not the only one who's happy to go blind
Starin At The Sun from: Beth Am G F E Summer stretching on the grass.. summer dresses pass Am G F E In the shade of a willow tree... creeps are crawling over me Am G F E Over me and over you stuck together with god's glue Am G it's going to get stickier too F it's been a long hot summer G let's go undercover F G don't try to hard to think .. don't think at all C Am I'm not the only one starin at the sun D F afraid of what you'd find if you took a look inside C Am not just deaf and dumb i'm starin at the sun D F not the only one who's happy to go blind Am - D Am - D oooh oooh- oooooh etc,.... ..................................... ..................................... LAST NIGHT ON EARTH Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This song is tuned down 1/2 step and changes keys from E minor to E. Much respect to fellow U2 transcriber Steve Palmer, who I think was the first to have this song on a website.
She feels the ground is giving way But she thinks we're better off that way
use these chords for the prechorus: G1---3-2---3-3---4-4---5-5-----6-----
A1---5-2---5-3---6-4---7-5-----6----- GThe more you take the less you feel
A The less you know the more you believe The more you have the more it takes today G D A5 Bm You got to give it away G D E Bm You got to give it away G D A5 Bm You got to give it away A5 She doesn't care what it's worth Em She's living like it's the last night on earth
riff during 2nd & 3rd verses:1---0------------0------5-----0--------2---------3-------------------------3--3--------------------------------------4--------------------------------------5--------------------------------------6--------------------------------------
She's not wating on a saviour to come She's at a bus-stop with the news of the world And the sun, here it comes She's not waiting for anyone
last bar before chorus:1---3----3----3-----2--2---3----3-------------3----------------------4----------------------5----------------------6---------------------- G D A5 BmYou got to give it away
G D E Bm You got to give it away G D A5 Bm You got to give it away A5 She knows just what it's worth Em She's living like it's the last night on earth
palm mute:1-----------------------------2-----------------------------3-----------------------------4-----------------------------5-----------------------------6---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--<12>-
bridge chords: C#m A E
bridge notes:1---------------------------2---------------------------3---------------------------4---------------------------5---------------------------6---12---12\9---9\5---5/12--
Slipping away, slip slide The world turns and we get dizzy Slipping away She's living next week now You know she's going t opay it back somehow G She hasn't been to bed in a week A She'll be dead soon, then she'll sleep G D A5 Bm You got to give it away G D E Bm You got to give it away G D A5 Bm You got to give it away A5 She already knows it hurts Em She's living like it's the last night on earth Last night on earth Last night on earth
palm mute: 1---------------------------2---------------------------3---------------------------4---------------------------5---------------------------6---0--0--0--0--0--0--0--0--
Em A Em --Brandon Leniart U2 'LAST NIGHT ON EARTH' ------------------------ steve palmer spalmer@engsoc.carleton.ca tune 1/2 step down
intro/main riff: E De--------------------------------------------------b--------------------------------------------------g--------------------------------------------------d-------------------0----7--7-7--------------------a-2----2-----2------0--2/5--5-5--------------------E-0--0-3bp0--3bp0----------------------------------
*i hope this doesn't look to complicated. the 3bp0 means: -pick 3rd fret, bend and pull off to 0 verse: E D E D she feels the ground is giving way E D E D but she thinks we're better off that way 'the more you take the less you feel the less you know the more you believe the more you have the more it takes today' chorus: G D A Bm you got to give it away G D E A you got to give it away G D A Bm you got to give it away A she doesn't care what it's worth A Em A Em A she's living like it's the last night on earth 2nd verse 2nd chorus bridge: E C#m C#m A slipping away...slip slide... the world turns and we get dizzy slipping away end on Em back to main riff outro: Em A Em A
Em Ae-0---------0----------------b-0--0------2----------------g-0----0----2----------------d-2------0--2----------------a-2---------0----------------
Last Night on Earth I think the main riff goes like this: from: "Douglas S. Wood"
intro/main riff: E De--------------------------------------------------b--------------------------------------------------g--------------------------------------------------d-------------------0----4--4-4--------------------a-2----2-----2------0----0--0-0--------------------E-0--0-3bp0--3bp0----------------------------------
..................................... ..................................... GONE Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This song is tuned 1/2 step down and also changes keys a few times. Another one of my personal theories is that Bono is singing this song to himself, and he's trying to deal with his success. Just a thought.
this is actually what the riff sounds like: E1----------------------<5>--2---<5>---------------------3-------------<3>-----------4---------------------------5---------------------------6---------------------------
But since I know that riff is really tough to pull off, I've arranged an easier version to play (which is probably what Edge uses with an octaver and/or an effect that automatically produces harmonics): E1----------10-----12--2---12----------------3---------------------4---------------------5---------------------6---------------------
use these these in between lyrics in the verses:1---x-x-x-x-x-x-2---x-x-x-x-x-x-3---x-x-x-x-x-x-4---x-x-x-x-x-x-5---x-x-x-x-x-x-6---x-x-x-x-x-x-
You get to feel so guilty, got so much for so little Then you find that feeling just won't go away You're holding on to every little thing so tightly Till there's nothing left for you anyway
piano riff: G1---12---10-----------------2-------------12---10-------3------------------------12-4---------------------------5---------------------------6---------------------------
You can keep this suit of lights
1---10--10/12-2-------------3-------------4-------------5-------------6------------- EmI'll be up with the sun
D Em And not coming down D Em I'm not coming down D E I'm not coming down Em You wanted to get somewhere so badly You had to lose yourself along the way You change a name, but that's OK, it's necessary And what you leave behind you don't miss anyway G Em Goodbye, you can keep this suit of lights Em D Em I'll be up with the sun--I'm not coming down D Em D E I'm not coming down, I'm not coming down
Bridge (use these chords): Bm1---7--2---7--3---7--4---9--5---9--6---7--
Bm Em And I'm already gone Bm Am Felt that way all along D G D G Closer to you everyday, didn't want it that much anyway Em You're taking steps that make you feel dizzy Then you get to like the way it feels You hurt yourself, you hurt your lover Then you discover what you thought was freedom was just greed G Em Goodbye, no emotional goodnight Em We'll be up with the sun D Em Are you still holding on? D Em I'm not coming down D E I'm not coming down
..................................... ..................................... MIAMI Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This song is TUNED DOWN 1/2 STEP, but I LEAVE the 2ND STRING at a B natural to get the harmonics right. Once again, I think Edge has a special machine to do this, but I can't think of a better way of getting the right sound. It looks harder than it is--just make sure you've got it on the bridge pickup and lots of distortion, and it sounds real cool. I think it's in A minor. With Larry's drum beat, I could just imagine them using "Miami" to segue into "Bullet The Blue Sky"...and I take it Ali wasn't with Bono on this Miami trip. Weather 'round here choppin' and changin' Surgery in the air Print shirts and southern accents, cigars and big hair We got the whells and petrol is cheap Only went there for a week Got the sun, got the sand Got the batteries in the handicam
palm mute:1---------------------2---------------------3---------------------4---------------------5---0--0--0--0--0--0--6---------------------
Her eyes all swimming pool blue Dumb bells on a diving board Baby's always attracted to the things she's afraid of
heavily distorted:1--------2--------3--------4--------5---<3>--6--------
Big girl with a sweet tooth
this is the weird sound--don't forget to leave the 2nd string at B1-------------------2---<12>------------3-------------------4-------------------5--------------<9>--6-------------------
Watches the skinny girl in the photo shoot Freshmen squeaky clean, she tastes like chlorine Miami, my mammy Love the movies, love to walk those movie sets Get to shoot someone in the foot Get to smoke some cigarettes No big deal, we know the score Just back from the video store What's he got inside the case? I want a close up of that face Here comes the car chase
Miami, my mammy I bought two new suits, Miami Pink and blue, Miami I took a picture of you, my mammy Getting hot in a photo booth, Miami I said you looked like a madonna You said, "Maybe said I wanna have your baby." We could make something beautiful
Something that wouldn't be a problem Least not in Miami Some places are like your auntie But there's no place like...MIAMI Miami from: "Dan Bodeman" There is just some feedback that sounds like feedback coming from his Vox AC30s. This goes until the lyrics "here comes the car chase" Then it does this on the low E string. E---5-5-5-5-555-5(7)-5(7)------------ It goes along with the beat of the drums. The 5(7) is called something like harp harmonics. What you do to get this is press on the 5th fret with you index finger then reach over to the 7th fret with you pinky but you just rest it on the string lightly. Get a really fuzzy distortion to make this work. Use the same harp harmonics during the rest of the song. ..................................... ..................................... THE PLAYBOY MANSION Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) This is Larry's favorite, in E major.
intro, with wah:1------------------------------------2------------------------------------3----------9-------------------------4---9/11-------11---9--9------11--11-5-------------------------11---------6------------------------------------
(intro played with this riff, same riff during slide part):1----------2---9---9--3---9---9--4---9---9--5----------6----------
E If Coke is a mystery, Michael Jackson...history
(use these next 2 riffs as the basis for solos during the verse):1-----------------------2---9/10--9-------------3------------11--9------4--------------------11-5-----------------------6-----------------------
A If beauty is truth
E And surgery...the fountain of youth C#m F#m What am I to do? C#m A Have I got the gifts to get me through E The gates of that mansion
E If OJ is more than a drink And a Big Mac bigger than you think A If perfume is an obsession E And talk shows...confession C#m F#m What have we got to lose? C#m A Another push and maybe we'll be through E The gates of that mansion I never bought a lotto ticket, I never parked in anyone's space The banks they're like cathedrals, I guess casinos took their place A E Love come on down, don't wake her she'll come around Chance is a kind of religion Where you're damned for plain hard luck I never did see that movie, never did read that book A E Love come on down, let my numbers come around C#m F#m Don't know if I can hold on C#m A Don't know if I'm that strong C#m F#m Don't know if I can wait that long C#m A Till the colours come flashing and the lights go on E Then will there be no time for sorrow? Then will there be no time for shame? A E Though I can't say why, I know I've got to believe C#m F#m We'll go driving in that pool C#m A It's who you know that gets you through E The gates of the playboy mansion Then will there be no time of sorrow? Then will there be no time for pain? Then will there be no tome of sorrow? Then will there be no time for shame? The Playboy Mansion Music by U2 Transcribed by Brandon Leniart This is one of the new U2 songs on the net right now, and I couldn't make out a lot of the lyrics, so I'll just give you the basic chords. It's a slow, rap-like song in E, tuned down 1/2 step.
intro (with wah)1--------------------------------------------- 2--------------------------------------------- 3-------------------9--11--11b13----11-------- 4---9---11---9h11-------------------------11-- 5--------------------------------------------- 6---------------------------------------------
verse: E E A E E A D D Dsus4 E E A1------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|2---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|3---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|4---9--|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|5------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|6------|------|-----|------|-----|---------|-----|------|
C#m A C#m A -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----| -----|-----|-----|-----|
riff (slow sliding:1-------------------- 2---7\5----5----4/5-- 3-------------------- 4-------------------- 5-------------------- 6--------------------
THE PLAYBOY MANSION INTRO PART (You can also use a wah-wah pedal) E (Edge does it on the record) B 5 5 G 4-6 6 4 4 66 4 6 6 4 4 66 D 6 6 A - means Hammer on E the real sign i forgot sorry? E 5 B 4 6 6 4 4 6 4 G 6 6 4 2 4 6 4 2 4 6 2 D (you have to move in time with this bit) A E It`s recomended to play it with the record the first few times. THE SLIDE PART (you hear this little bit a lot of times in the song and the song also fades out with it). E 0 0 0 0 (i forgot what the slide sign was but again listen to the B 7 5 3 5 record to catch the timming). G D A E ..................................... ..................................... IF YOU WEAR THAT VELVET DRESS Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) Tune 1/2 step down--in D minor. "I don't want to talk about that song too much, but let's just say it's haunted." says Bono. "It's all tangled up in ultraviolet."
acoustic guitar:1---------------------------------2-------3---1--------------3---1--3---------------------2-----------4---0------------0----------------5---------------------------------6---------------------------------
pick with fingers:1---10--2---10--3-------4-------5-------6-------
Tonight the moon is playing tricks again Feeling sea sick again And the whole world could just dissolve into a glass of water I've been good 'cause I know you don't want me to Do you really want me to be as blue as you It's her daylight that gets me through We've been here before Last time you scratched at my door The moon was naked and cold I was like a 2 year old who just wanted more If you wear that velvet dress If you wear that velvet dress Tonight the moon's drawn its cutains It's a private show, no one has to know I'm wanting
1st guitar (delay with infinite repeat)1---------10--2---13--------3-------------4-------------5-------------6-------------
2nd guitar (with medium delay)1--------------13--------13----------13-----------2---10---11---------11--------11-----------11--10-3-------------------------------------------------4-------------------------------------------------5-------------------------------------------------6-------------------------------------------------
3rd guitar (with heavy delay):*I've arranged this for an acoustic without a cutaway--I think Edge plays this higher up on the fretboard, but you can play it using this solo--I didn't want to alienate the acoustic people here 1---12b13r---10----------10---10--2------------------13-------------3---------------------------------4---------------------------------5---------------------------------6---------------------------------
with delay:1---13---12---10--2-----------------3-----------------4-----------------5-----------------6-----------------
Sunlight, sunlight fills my room It's sharp and it's clear But nothing at all like the moon
use this as the basic solo for next verse:1---------------------2---6/8--8/10--10/11--13b15--3---------------------4---------------------5---------------------6---------------------
It's okay, the struggle for things not to say I never listened to you anyway And I got my own hands to pray But if you wear that velvet dress
If you wear that velvet dress Tonight the moon is a mirrorball Light flickers from across the hall Who'll catch the star when it falls?
..................................... ..................................... PLEASE Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) Tune down 1/2 step--it's in B minor.
So you never knew love until you crossed the line of grace And you never felt wanted till you had someone slap your face So you never felt alive until you almost wasted away
background pre-chorus:1---7---10--2---7---7---3---7---7---4-----------5-----------6-----------
play with above 3 times:1-----------2-----------3-----------4---4p2--4--5-----------6-----------
1 time:1---------------------------------2---------------------------------3---4p2---4---2---4---2--------2--4--------------------------4------5---------------------------------6---------------------------------
You had to win, you couldn't just pass The smartest ass at the top of the class Your flying colours, your family tree And all your lessons in history Please
Please get up off your knees Please, please, please, please
3 times:1--------------------2--------------------3--------------------4--------------------5---2p0---2---0---2--6--------------------
1 time:1----------------------------2----------------------------3----------------------------4----------------------------5---2p0--2--0--2--0-------0--6---------------------2------
And you never knew how low you'd stoop to make that call And you never knew what was on the ground till they made you crawl So you never knew that that the heaven you keep you stole Your Catholic blues, your convent shoes Your stick-on tattoos, now they're making news Your holy war, your northern star Your sermon on the mount from the boot of your car Please, please, please get up off your knees Please, please, please leave me out of this please Bm A A Bm So love is hard, and love is tough Bm A Em Bm But love is not what you're thinking of
electronic bit:1----------------------------2----------------------------3----------------------------4----------------------------5---0h2---2---2---2---0---2--6----------------------------
September, streets capsizing, spilling over down the drain Shards of glass splinters like rain But you could only feel your pain October, talking getting nowhere November, December, remember Are we just starting again?
Please, please, please get up off of your knees Please, please, please, please
So love is bigger than us But love is not what you're thinking of It's what lovers deal, it's what lovers steal
with delay:1---7--------9---------7-----------10p7------2-------7---------7---------7-------------7--3--------------------------------------------4--------------------------------------------5--------------------------------------------6--------------------------------------------
You know I've found it hard to receive Cause you, my love, I could never believe ..................................... ..................................... WAKE UP DEAD MAN Transcribed by Brandon Leniart (leniarbk@jmu.edu) "It's a very angry song." says Bono--tune down 1/2 step, in A minor. Jesus
Jesus help me
I'm alone in this world
And a fucked up world it is, too
Tell me, tell me the story The one about eternity, and the way it's all gonna be Wake up
Wake up dead man
Wake up, wake up dead man
Jesus, I'm wating here, boss I know You're looking out for us But maybe Your hands aren't free
Your Father, He made the world in seven He's in charge of heaven Will You put a word in for me? Wake up, wake up dead man Wake up, wake up dead man
mellotron-like sounds:1---<5>----------------2---------<5>----------3-----------------<5>--4----------------------5----------------------6----------------------
Listen to your words they'll tell you what to do Listen over the rhythm that's confusing you Listen to the reed in the saxophone Listen over the hum of the radio
Listen over the sounds of blades in rotation Listen through the traffic and circulation Listen as hope and peace try to rhyme Listen over marching bands playing out their time Wake up
during 3rd & 4th choruses, with wah:1------------------2---15b17---15b17--3------------------4------------------5------------------6------------------
Wake up dead man
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