U2 - Tryin To Throw Your Arms Around The World tab

This song is kinda hard to figure out, there is a whole lot of synth parts so there 
much guitar. If you're playing with a live version everything will be flattened by 1/2 step. 
tabbed each part 1/2 down too.

Part I - This is the guitar riff that is for just about the whole song. (studio) (live)|----------|---------12| |--------|-------11||--10-9-10-|--10-9-10--| |--9-8-9-|--9-8-9--||-9-------9|-9---------| or |-8-----8|-8-------||----------|-----------| |--------|---------||----------|-----------| |--------|---------||----------|-----------| |--------|---------|
Part II - This is a synth riff that is played throughout. G# A B A G G# Bb G# (notes are for keys)|-------------| |-----------||-9-10~~12~10~| |-8-9~~11~9~||-------------| or |-----------||-------------| |-----------||-------------| |-----------||-------------| |-----------|
(studio) (live)Part III - Now this is the coolest thing I've ever heard. You'll have to listen for the for this. It is pretty much at the end of each line in the verses and the last chorus. (studio) (live)|-----------------| |--------------||--10h12p10h12p10-| |--9h11p9h11p9-||-----------------| or |--------------||-----------------| |--------------||-----------------| |--------------||-----------------| |--------------|
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