U2 – Red Light tab

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From: ZooTVFly@aol.com
Date: Tue, 6 Feb 1996 16:46:28 -0500
Subject: "Red Light" by U2

"Red Light"

tune down 1/2 step...

                     x4    (hold)                                          x4

Eb------------------|-------|--------------------|Bb---10--10--x--|---8---|--10~~~~~~--------------|Gb---9---9--x----|---7---|---9~~~~~~-------------|Db---7---7--x-----|---5--|---7~~~~~~-------------|Ab------------------|-------|--------------------|Eb------------------|-------|--------------------| Riff A
Eb------------------------------------------------|Bb-1--1----3--3-----------------------------------|Gb-2--2----2--2----4--4--------2--0--0------------|Db---------------------------5--5-----------------|Ab------------------------------------------------|Eb------------------------------------------------| Riff B
Eb-------------------|-------|-------------|Bb--10--10--------|---8--|--7--------------|Gb---9---9------------|---7--|----7--5-----|Db---7---7-5-7-7-|---5--|------------------|Ab-------------------|-------|-------------|Eb-------------------|-------|-------------|play riff A, every other one play this...
Play Riff A again under sax solo
Dah Dah Dah DahEb-----------------------|---------|----------|Bb-10---12--13--12-|---------|----------------|Gb--9---11---12--11-|----2---|---4------------|Db--7----9---10----9--|----2---|--------------|Ab------------------------|----0---|----------|Eb------------------------|---------|---------|
Play Riff B (softly, fading out)
I talk to you You walk away You're still on the down beat You say you don't want my help But you get hurt, scared If you're running from yourself I give you my love I give you my love Give you my love Still you walk away It's your own late show As you jump to the street below But where can you go? To leave the yourself behind Alone in the spotlight Of this, your own tragedy I give you my love, love, love Love, love, love, love, love, love... In the heart in the heart In the heart of the city Heart in the heart in The heart of the city Oh, love... I pour my love out for you And I'll bring you through See your not alone I give you my love, give you my love Give you my love, give you my love Give you my love, give you my love Give you my love, give you my love Give you my love, love, love Love, love, love, love, love... send notes, corrections, comments, flames, etc. to: ZooTVFly@aol.com BEFORE Feb. 15, 1996 amorse@waterw.com AFTER Feb. 15, 1996 adrian
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