U2 - Beautiful Day tab

Beautiful day            

by U2 tabbed by George Pootnik
also GuitarPro file available.


instead of the usual (wrong) tabs in 4/4
one could use 6/4, but for the simplicicity
and ease by playing (as much as by counting!)
I found out that the 3/4 pattern is the way
to go. Unfortunaly my software didnīt export
the 3/4 thing accurately, but count like it
is written on the top:

1 & 2 & 3 & 1 2 3 E E E E E E Q Q Q E||--------------------|-----------------|B||--------------------|-----------------|G||--------------------|-----------------|D||--------------------|-----------------|A||--------------------|-----------------|E||--5--5--5--7--7--7--|--7----3----3----|
E E E E E E Q Q Q --------------------|-----------------|--------------------|-----------------|--------------------|-----------------|--------------------|-----------------|--5--5--5--5--5--5--|--5--------------|--------------------|-------5----5----|
Here the guitar part a little changed
Q E Q E Q Q Q ------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|--5----5--7----7--|--7----3----3----|
Q E Q E Q Q Q ------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|--5----5--5----5--|--5--------------|------------------|-------5----5----|
Q E Q E Q Q Q ------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|------------------|-----------------|--7----7--9----9--|--9----5----5----|--7----7--9----9--|--9----5----5----|--5----5--7----7--|--7----3----3----|
Q E Q E Q Q Q ------------------|-----------------||------------------|-----------------||--7----7--7----7--|--7--------------||--7----7--7----7--|--7----7----7----||--5----5--5----5--|--5----7----7----||------------------|-------5----5----||
You can play also on the unfretted 5th and 6th strings in the beginning, but I prefer to fret the strings for easier damping. Have fun, and visit my homepage: www.midiguitar.de Duration Legend --------------- Q - quarter E - 8th
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