U2 – Running To Stand Still tab ver. 3

I'm taking this from the elbow cover version made for the war child album 
( http://open.spotify.com/track/42RYyQrgwoO4EuqMo08yyz ) Which is just as
good as the original (maybe even better?). Guy hasn't messed around with 
it much, though, so if you're just looking for the U2 one, this one wont
sound any different!




Verse Riff

D D G Ge-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|-----------------|B---------0-------|---------0-------|---------0-------|---------0-------|G-------2-----2---|-------2-----2---|-------2-----2---|-------2-----2---|D-----0-----2---4-|-----0-----2---4-|---0-0-----2---4-|---0-0-----2---4-|G---2-------------|---2-------------|-0---------------|-0---------------|D-0---------------|-0---------------|-----------------|-----------------|
Chords: DGDGBe A x22220 G 540033 x= no chord D x And so she woke up G x Woke up from where she was lying still D D Said I've gotta do something G x About where we're going D x Step on a steam train G G Step out of the driving rain, maybe D x G x Run from the darkness in the night A G Singing ha, ah la la la de day A G Ah la la la de day D D | D | D | Ah la la de day D D Sweet the sin G G Bitter the taste in my mouth D D I see seven towers G G But I only see one way out D You got to cry without weeping D Talk without speaking G G Scream without raising your voice D You know I took the poison D From the poison stream G G Then I floated out of here A G Singing...ha la la la de day A G Ha la la la de day D Ha la la de day D|D|G|G| x10 with Intro Riff and Harmonica Riff D D She runs through the streets, G With her eyes painted red, G Under black belly of cloud in the rain D D In through a doorway she brings me G G White gold and pearls stolen from the sea D She is raging D She is raging G G And the storm blows up in her eyes, She will... A G Suffer the needle chill A G She's running to stand... D Still.
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