U2 - In A Little While tab version 2

Here is the intro to in a little while.  I'm only sure about the beginning of the song,
so I'm only going to share the intro.  If you can not get the song immediately, try
listening to the song and play along. its my first tab, so it may not look pretty. I 
hope you enjoy it!
There is more, but right now I'm going to leave it like this. It is the very beginning.
key: / slide up

e |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|G |----------9----------------------------------11------------------------------|D |-----------------11--------------------------------11------------------------|A |--10/11--------------------12----12/13----------------------13---13/14-------|E |-----------------------------------------------------------------------------|
e |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|B |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|G |---11------------12--12---------11-------------11-------9------------------|D |---------13------12--12---------12-------------12-------11-----------------|A |---------------------------12--------------12------------12------0---------|E |---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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