U2 – One chords ver. 2

U2 - One

Intro: Am D F G 

Am DIs it getting better
F GOr do you feel the same
Am DWill it make it easier on you
F GNow you got someone to blame
CYou say, One love,
Am FOne life, When it's one need
CIn the night, It's one love
Am FWe got to share it, It leaves you baby
CIf you don't care for it
Am D Did I disappoint you?
F GOr leave a bad taste in your mouth?
Am D You act like you never had love
F GAnd you want me to go without
C AmWell it's too late, Tonight
F CTo drag the past out into the light
C AmWe're one, but we're not the same
F CWe got to carry each other carry each other
C Am F COne
Am D Have you come here for forgiveness
F GHave you come to raise the dead
Am DHave you come here to play Jesus
F GTo the lepers in your head
CDid I ask too much
AmMore than a lot
FYou gave me nothing
CNow it's all I got
AmWe're one, but we're not the same
F CWe hurt each other, then we do it again
C AmYou say, Love is a temple, Loves a higher law
C AmLove is a temple, Loves the higher law
C GYou ask me to enter, but then you make me crawl
G AmAnd I can't be holding on
F CTo what you got, When all you got is hurt
C AmOne love, One blood
F COne life, You got to do what you should
C AmOne life, With each other
F CSisters, Brothers
C Am One life, But we're not the same
F CWe got to carry each other, Carry each other
Am F C Am F COne, One, One.
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