U2 – Exit chords

Em        D  C     G (repeats alot)

EmYou know he got the cure
Em You know he went astray
D CHe used to stay awake
GTo drive the dreams he had away
EmHe wanted to believe
D C GIn the hands of love
(Em C G repeats again)
EmHis head it felt heavy
EmAs he cut across the land
D CA dog started crying
GLike a broken hearted man
EmAt the howling wind
D C GAt the howling wind
EmHe went deeper into black
EmDeeper into white
D C Could see the stars shining
GLike nails in the night
EmHe felt the healing
Em DHealing, healing, healing hands of
C Glove, like the stars, shiny shiny from above
EmHand in the pocket
EmFinger on the steel
D CThe pistol weighed heavy
GAnd his heart he could feel
EmWas beating, beating
Em CBeating, beating oh my love
GOh my love, oh my love
Oh my love [My love Saw the hands that build Can also pull down The hands of love] Em D C G Repeats until end
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