U2 – The Ground Beneath Her Feet tab

U2 ? The Ground Beneath Her Feet
(Words by S. Rushdi)

From the soundtrack to the Million Dollar Hotel.

Tabbed by Mark Jones 15/10/00.

This is my interpretation of the song based on Bono and The Edge's
acoustic performance on TFI Friday on St. Patricks Day 2000.

The chords required are:

Bm  : 799777
F#m : 244222
G   : 355433
A   : 577655

This chord progression is used throughout the intro and verses:
Bm  F#m  G  A

For the intro and first two verses I use this picking:

Bm F#m G AE|-7--------0-|-2--------0-|-3--------0-|-5--------0-|A|---9--------|---4--------|---5--------|---7--------|D|-------9----|-------4----|-------5----|-------7----|G|-------7----|-------2----|-------4----|-------6----|B|-------7----|-------2----|-------3----|-------5----|E|-------7----|-------2----|-------3----|-------5----| ^ On these bits start with the E string And strum up towards the D.
And now for the song: Verse 1: (pick chords) Bm F#m G A All my life I worshipped her Bm F#m G A Her golden voice, her beauties beat Bm F#m G A How she made us feel how she made me real Chorus: (strum chords) G F#m And the ground beneath her feet G A And the ground beneath her feet Verse 2: (pick chords ? lyric structure slightly more complicated) Bm F#m G A Bm Now I can't be sure, be sure of anything F#m G A Bm Black is white and cold is heat F#m G A Bm F#m For what I worshipped stole my love away Chorus: (strum chords) G F#m It was the ground beneath her feet G A It was the ground beneath her feet Middle 8: (Strum chords from here on in) Bm F#m G A Go lightly down your darkened way Bm F#m G A Go lightly on the ground Bm F#m G A I'll be down there in another day G A I won't rest until your found Play middle 8 again, but replace words by do do do's Outro: Bm (strum once) Let me love you A (strum once) Let me rescue you G A Let me take where two roads meet Bm And I'll come back above A G F#m when there is only love G F#m Only love G A Only love Bm (strum once to end) Only love Hope you enjoy it. There are mp3's available on the web if you can't get the timings (try www.zoonation.com as a starting point) Cheers, Mark ;-)
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