Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker – Yo Hello Hooray Everyday chords

Tuning: Standard
Capo on the 3rd

Real easy track and sounds great. I just played it by ear and think that these are the 
chords involved.
The whole song involves 3 chords

G: 320033
D: 000232
Asus4: 002230

G     D     Asus4

G DStart panicking, turn into a mannequin
Asus4Take a breath now, ahh, begin again
GOpen your eyes please
DTurn your smile on
Asus4Realign with now as well
GYou start freaking out
DWishing you were peaking out
Asus4Hold it together now ,instead of leaking out
GTurn your smile on
D Asus4Turn your smile up bright
G D Asus4Remember the days when your laughter was meant
G D Asus4Remember the days when you did what you said
G D Asus4You're counting the days til you get high again
G D Asus4Chill out, be easy on yourself
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