Ugly Casanova - Diamonds On The Face Of Evil tab

Tabbed by:CMM


(Main Riff)e|--12--0--------------------------------12--0-------------------------|B|---------12--12-------10---8--5---------------12--0-------10---8--0--|G|--------------------9----9------------------------------9----9-------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------|A|----------0---0--------------------------------0--0------------------|E|---0--0-----------8---------------------0--0----------8--------------|
(Main Riff Variation)e|-------------------------------------|B|---------12--12--10------10---8--5---|G|----------------------9-----9--------|D|-12--14------------------------------|A|----------0---0----------------------|E|--0---0-----------8------------------|
NOTES: Note that there is a difference in the main riff when played, and that I did not just type the same thing twice. As for the main riff variation, remember to hold onto the high A before playing that note again. Finally, (though this is obviously not needed) to play the guitar part, use your thumb to play any notes on the low E or the A string. For the two appearing notes on the D string, use your index finger so the middle finger will be read to hit the next notes. Play the notes on the G string with your index finger so the middle finger can easily hit the few notes above it. Finally, play the B, and high E string notes with your middle finger. Sha sha sha sha. | / slide up | \ slide down | h hammer-on | p pull-off | ~ vibrato | + harmonic | x Mute note
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