Ultravox – I Remember Death In The Afternoon chords

My first chords so please be forgiving :)
Comments and corrections are welcome, cheers!

AmWe turned the dial
We heard the news
FAnd laughed
E Asus2We don't know why
AmWe drank the wine
And spoke of times
FWe knew
E Asus2Of days gone by
AmWe flicked through photographs we had
F E Asus2Somehow they made us sad
Am FRemembering the times we used to have
E Asus2It made us cry
Dm AmOh, I remember
Dm A#Death in the afternoon
A silence fell about the room With harsh and heavy calm The lovers and the friends all felt the same It kept us warm We raised our glass And drank to times we had But'd see no more The pictures of the past would haunt us still And there remain Oh, I remember Death in the afternoon
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