Unbunny – Cellphone tab

The chords you'll need for this splendid song are as follows:

Dm G C C/B Am

I play the chords in this picking pattern , it works really great for me :

E|-----------1---------------------3----------------------------------------------|B|-------3-----3--------------0-------0-----------1-------1---------1-------------|G|----2----2------2---------0----0------0-------0--0----0---0-----2---2-----------|D|-0-----------------0--------------------0------------------------------------2--|A|--------------------------------------------3-------2---------0-------0-2-3-----|E|-----------------------3--------------------------------------------------------| Walkup
The Walk up at the end is the essential part of the picking since at times the melody of the song goes along with it. Now I'll match up the chords with the Lyrics: (Dm) You call me on your (G) cellphone. (C)You (C/B) catch me in a (Am) lie. (walkup) (Dm) Break it to me (G)slowly. (C)You (C/B) cut me from your (Am) vine (walkup) It takes a lot to (Dm)notice (G) It takes a lot to (C) see. (C/B) (Am) (Walkup) But when you finally (Dm) focus (G) It never looks as (C) real (C/B) (Am) (walkup) Then there's an instrumental part for a while , just keep on playing the chord progression featuring the Walkup (Dm)You were at the(G) pick and Pay. (C) Or(C/B) whatever they(Am) call it now. (walkup) (Dm) I was in the (G) parking lot . (C) (C/B) warming up the (Am) Volvo . (walkup) (Dm) We used to (G) compromise. (C) But that's (C/B) where the (Am)problem (walkup) (Dm) Cause the average of (G) opposing views. (C) Does not (C/B) equal the (Am)truth. (walkup) End on the C chord
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