Smile chords ver. 6 with lyrics by Uncle Kracker - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Uncle Kracker – Smile chords ver. 6

Uncle Kracker
Happy Hour
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This is 100% correct, look at the live video of it
These are the chords that Uncle Kracker used in this song

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Key: E

Chords used:
E -     022100
F#m -   244222
A -     x02220
B -     x24442
C#m -   x46654
F#/Bb - x143xx

Intro: E-F#m-A--

Verse 1:
E F#m You're better than the best
A I'm lucky just to
Elinger in your light
F#mCooler than the flip side of
Amy pillow that's right
E F#m Completely unaware
A Nothing can compare
Bto where you send me
ALets me know that
F#mit's ok yeah it's ok
Ayeah it's ok
BAnd the moments where my
A F#mgood times start to fade
Chorus 1:
EYou make me smile like the sun
B AFall out of bed sing like a bird
F#m EDizzy in my head spin like a record
B A F#mCrazy on a Sunday night
EYou make me dance like a fool
BForget how to breathe
C#mShine like gold
Abuzz like a bee
E BJust the thought of you
Acan drive me wild
F#mOhh you make me smile
Post Chorus: E-F#m-A-- Verse 2:
E F#m Even when you're gone
A Somehow you come along
BJust like a flower
Apoking through
F#mthe sidewalk crack
Aand just like that
BYou steal away the
A F#mrain and just like that
(Repeat Chorus 1) Bridge:
C#m Don't know how I
Blived without you
F#/Bb Cuz everytime that
I get around you
C#m I see the best of
B F#/Bbme inside your eyes
A BYou make me smile
Chorus 2:
EYou make me dance like a fool
F#mForget how to breathe
AShine like gold
buzz like a bee
E F#mJust the thought of you
A(hold)can drive me wild
(Repeat Chorus 1) Outro:
E F#m A Oh you make me smile
Oh you make me smile
E F#m A(hold) Oh you make me smile
E(hold)you make me smile
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