Uncle Kracker - Follow Me chords version 3

Uncle Kracker - Follow Me.
Chords by Tommy G.


Verse 1:
FYou don't know how you met me
BbYou don't know why
F Bb C FYou can't turn around and say goodbye
BbAll you know is when I'm with you, I make you free
F Bb C FAnd swim through your veins like a fish in the sea
I'm singin
Chorus: Bb C FFollow me everthing is allright
Bb CI'll be the one to tuck you in at night
FAnd if you
Bb CWant to leave I can guarantee
F Bb C FYou won't find nobody else like me
Verse 2: Bb I'm not worried bout the ring you wear
F Bb C FCause as long as I know one knows than nobody can care
BbYou're feelin guilty and I'm well aware
F Bb C FBut you dont look ashamed and baby I don't care
I'm singin Chorus:
Verse 3:
Gm Won't give you money
C FI can't give you the sky
GmYour better off if you don't ask why
G CI'm not the reason that you go astray
FWe'll be alright if you don't ask me stay
Chorus Verse 1 Chorus 3x -End-
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