Uncle Tupelo - Slate tab


Played on a twelve string with the high E strings tuned down to D.


A7sus4  D  Aadd4  G

A7sus4                      D
A worn out joke to keep the flies away

Aadd4           G
Carried it this far

        A7sus4                   D
Got the westside winds keep it steady

Aadd4                G
Bury the hatchets we find

A7sus4                 D
Could carry that heavy load

Aadd4                        G
If I really thought it would matter

E7              Aadd4
Farcical hair appears

As a blind side

A7sus4    D
Clean the slate

A7sus4                  D
Working in the halls of shame

Lay it down in full view 

Lay it down

What the hell were we thinking
Before the fire burned out
Can't find you now
Didn't know you then
Loneliness drinks the bitters
Till the cold wind's warm again
To feel born again
Mouth open wide, screams and hollers


Gambled once and won, never made a dollar
Beauty fades to gray
I pray the very best will guard her
And provide a way
There's a telltale sign
And it's chairs up, time to go


a neat way to tie the "A" chords to the G and D are to slide the "E"
note fretted on the second string up to the fourth fret, and then pull
it off.


have fun!
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