Uncommonmenfrommars - You Can Be Evil tab

Album : Noise Pollution
You Can Be Evil


Ampli : trebble 7
	middle	3
	bass	6
	gain	3/5/6 selon les ampli

Intro-----------------------------|-----------------------------|---7-----------7--10---------| X5---7--5--3--8--7--10--8--5---|---5--5--3--8--5---8--8--5---|------3--1--6---------6--3---|"You're not coming home tonight, you are lokking for..."
Refrain----------------|----------------|---7--------8---| X4---7--8--7--8---|---5--8--8--6---|------6--5------|"You're out looking for an answer, to a question you don't have..."
Pont--------------------------|--------------------------|--777-----333-----55-77---| X4--777-555-333-333-55-77---|--555-555-111-333-33-55---|------333-111-111---------|
Fin-----------------------------|-----------------------------|---7-----------7--10---------|---7--5--3--8--7--10--8--5---|---5--5--3--8--5---8--8--5---|------3--1--6---------6--3---|"I can take the whole of more, give me all you have I know you can be evil"
Fin 2------------------|------------------|-7----------------|-7---5---3---3----|-5---5---3---3----|-----3---1---1----|"I can take the whole of more, give me all you have I know you can be evil"
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