Under A Nightmare - Razor Blade Smile tab

introE----------------------|B----------------------|G----------------------|D--9-------------------|A--7-------------------|E--0-------------------|this is a rhythm guitar tab, this one power chord is stomped over a crazy ass lead part i have yet to conquer. just listen to te song to get it, it just stomps this chord 1 and pauses, then again till the intro is over.
1RST BREAKDOWNE------------------------|B------------------------|just let these chrods ring outG-9---5---7---9----------|D-9---5---7---9----------|A-7---3---5---7----------|E------------------------|
then it play thru the intro again, then another verse, another breakdown, intro, then the last verse and the song ends. the riffs never change so just use the ones tabbed above the order i gave them in this lil paragraph.
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