Undertones - Jimmy Jimmy tab

			     Jimmy Jimmy - The Undertones
Tabbed by: Johnny Sardine

Tuning: std

intro - open A chord riff

e|----------------------------------------------|B|---2------------------------------------------|G|----2---0h2-----------------------------------|x 4D|------2---------------------------------------|A|-0--------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|---------------------------2------------------| x 3D|-----------------------------4-2-4-2-0--------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
G E G E e|----------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------|G|----------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|
Little mummy's boy A E He wasn't very old D E Though he was very small A E He did what he was told D E Jimmy Jimmy D E D A riff Jimmy Jimmy - Oooh D E D A riff Jimmy Jimmy D E D A riff Poor little Jimmy wouldn't let go G E G E He'd stay awake at night A E Lying in his bed D E No one ever listened A E To a single word he said D E Jimmy Jimmy ... A E D E A E D Silly boy E A E D Silly boy E A E D Silly boy E A E D Such a silly boy E A Jimmy Jimmy ... Now little Jimmy's gone A E He disappeared one day D E But no one saw the ambulance A E That took little Jim away D E Jimmy Jimmy rpt...
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