Undertones – My Perfect Cousin tab

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The Undertones - "My perfect Cousin"

	G -> A     A -> E       X4
	3rd  5th   5th  12th

Verse 1:
	A                            E
	Now I've got a cousin called Kevin,
	     A             E
	He's sure to go to Heaven,
	G                D
	always spotless, clean and neat,
	 G		 D
	as smooth as you get 'em.
		   A                   E
	He's got a fur lined sheepskin jacket,
	   A                    E
	My ma says they cost a packet,
	    G               D
	but she won't even let me explain,
	that me and Kevin,
	we just look the same

	    A	        E
	Oh, my perfect cousin,
	     A               E
	what I like to do he doesn't,
	 A	           D
	He's his family's pride and joy,
	     Dbm              E
	his mother's little golden boy.

	He's got a degree in economics,
	maths, physics and bionics,
	He thinks that I'm a cabbage,
	`cos I hate "University Challenge",
	Even at the age of ten,
	Smart boy Kevin was a smart boy then,
	He always beat me at "Subbuteo",
	`Cos he flicked to kick,
	and I didn't know.


	A G  E D X2
	E D  A G X2
	Db -> D x2 or 3...


	His mother bought him a synthesizer,
	got the Human League in to advise her,
	Now he's making lots of noise,
	playing along with the Art school boys,
	Girls try to attract his attention,
	but what a shame, it's in vain,
	total rejection,
	he will never be left on the shelf
	'cos Kevin, he's in love with himself.


Outro:  as intro and fade.

	I hope somebody likes the undertones out there...


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