Unhindered – Light This World tab

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This is an awsome worship song for more contemperary worship bands, and it's an 
amazing to get you hyped about Jesus!

The key is in B, Capo 2nd fret, but the voices are in A.

Verse 1:
He has covered us in grace, Died to take our place.
He's the only one we seek, More and more each day.
                         F#                      E
He has offered us new life, Bought us at a price.

now is the time to show the world. That Jesus is alive.

C#m   Eb  E         C#m  Eb  E
 Are you ready now, Are you ready.

         B                E           F#
We will light this world with the love of God, 
G#m            B          E           F#
We will light this world today.
         B         E           F#      G#m
We will take this love into all the earth,
G#m              B         E          F#            
  We will light this world, Light this world.

this is the part where everybody goes crazy.
Turnaround: Eb / E / B (Wa-oh-uh-oh)!!!

C#m          E                  G#m
We will not hide, We will shine bright.
                        F#                     C#m                      (X2)
For all the world to see, All the world to see.
                     C#m   E
For all the world to see, yeah.

Outro: B  (Wa-oh-uh-oh!!!)

hope this helps you in praising Jesus!
God bless

tabber: Robby Sheets
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